Gaming as one of the fastest growing markets

Author Sandra Czarniecka 10 September 2020, BusinessGAMEHUBGaming

Once means of entertainment, a form of relax and escape from daily responsibilities. These days gaming is more than mere hobby, it is also a fast growing business and a world in which achieving success often requires excruciating work and many sacrifices. Throughout the years this occurrence has changed diametrically. Even several universities have taken notice of gaming’s potential, having opened relevant fields of study to educate future experts. Players and gaming influencers are achieving success not unlike people from different, not necessarily more popular anymore, industries. The once popular indifference towards games within the society is no longer defensible.

Games have permanently made it into the mainstream

These days, gaming is much more accessible than in the past, and it affects its popularity. Live transmissions of e-sport tournaments, single player games streams, access to players and gaming influencers from around the world – all this easily at hand for most of us. Even though most interactions happen through the internet, and not “face to face”, today the chance of developing a relationship with those, who once seemed out of our reach, is much higher. Transmissions like those on or Youtube allow us to comment, enter a discussion with other users and the streamer herself. Gaming rig is easily accessible and the simpler setups require little financial funding (which doesn’t mean, however, that achieving better results doesn’t require proper investment). Everyone can play on a computer, a gaming console, or even a smartphone. And what’s most important- anyone can be a gamer today.

Games not only entertain, but also educate. Since the universal language in the gaming community is English, young people are more eager to learn it, achieving better results than from studying the language in school. Furthermore, gamers develop individual skills, such as improved hand-eye coordination, reaction time, logical and strategic thinking, as well as decision making under pressure. More often than not it’s no longer “just playing”, but self improvement through, for example, self control and adherence to the training schedule (those who wish to play professionally).

Gaming in the world of business

Gaming’s potential has also been noticed by the business community. Live transmissions are an excellent spot for displaying ads, and building a booth at events related to the industry will help reach potential customers. One can operate within the gaming industry in different ways: supporting professional teams or tournaments, selling merchandise dedicated to gamers – these are just some of the possibilities. According to market research from 2015 in Europe, e-sport tournaments were enjoyed by 31,6 million casual viewers and 25,2 million e-sport enthusiasts. In 2017 the numbers rose to 42,5 and 34,4 million, respectively, and 192 mil and 143 mil worldwide. Currently the number of casual viewers increased to 60,3 mil and regular viewers to 45 mil in Europe. It is estimated that in 2021 the numbers will rise to 307 mil and 205 mil viewers worldwide.

Graphics: Karol Maj (Keyoy) | Based on Newzoo research.

Professional gamers or gaming influencers inspire lots of people. Young people want to listen to them, which has not escaped marketers’ attention. Investors and the most famous brands invest huge amounts of money in esports teams, organizing events and promoting international tournaments. These brands include, for example, BMW, Gillette, Pringles and the Ajax Amsterdam football team. In 2015, annual media gaming revenue was $325 million. Just two years later, this amount doubled ($660 million). In 2020, it is already USD 1.5 billion. It is estimated that this sum will increase by another 100-150 million next year. These numbers have been growing steadily for many years and there is no indication that they will decrease.

Graphics: Karol Maj (Keyoy) | Based on Newzoo research.

Why is it worth entering the world of gaming?

The subculture of players integrates people, blurs the generational boundaries and, above all, cultural and national boundaries. Traveling is easier than ever, establishing relationships with people from outside our country – even easier. This is why brands are so eager to cooperate with the gaming community. This allows you to expand your reach with new groups of reach, and thus – increase sales and demand for the product. So it is worth reaching with content not only to recipients in the country, but also to neighbors from abroad.

Gaming is one of the fastest growing markets, the number of viewers and the profits from marketing activities are constantly increasing, as are the number of players and their fans. All this speaks for diversifying your products or services also in the gaming industry, and what we recommend: trust specialists in this field.