(Case study) Showdown tournament

Author Sandra Czarniecka 26 April 2021, Gaming

Showdown tournament took place on 2nd & 3rd October 2020. The originators and organizers were gaming marketing agency Gamehub (branded as Gamehub Challenge) and Polish Pro League – the biggest league for polish players on Faceit. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches were held on the mentioned platform.

Gaming Creators were given the task to assemble a 5-man roster, in which their viewers and other fellow creators must have been involved. Each team had the Captain – Pago, Saju, Grabagra, Majszi, Ikusia, Klaudia Croft, Tom223 and Grubamruwa. Not only were those Content Creators involved, Izak, Pevor, Leh or Angelika as teams members were there too! 🙂

Our partners, HyperX and Yumisu, had also shown their enormous support for the event.

HyperX – brand producing hardware for gamers – funded prizes for three winners:
1st place: 3000 PLN and 5 sets for players: headphones HyperX Cloud Stinger S, keyboard HyperX Alloy Core RGB, mouse HyperX Plusfire Raid, HyperX Mouse Pad;

2nd place: 5 sets for players: headphones HyperX Cloud Stinger S, keyboard HyperX Alloy Core RGB, mouse HyperX Plusfire Raid, HyperX Mouse Pad;

3rd place: 5 sets of headphones HyperX Cloud Stinger S

MVP: Yumisu – brand producing gaming chairs – funded high quality gaming chair Yumisu 2050 Red for the Most Valuable Players of the tournament (MVP), who was chosen by voting on Gamehub Challenge’s fanpage.

Nagrody SHOWDOWN 2020

2020 SHOWDOWN Prizes

In order to vote, viewers must have left the comment on specific post on Gamehub Challenge’s fanpage. The vote must have included the player, who they thought ought to win gaming chair. Among those nominated were: Saju (Team Saju), _Chewie (Team Saju), zaNNN- (Team Saju), Pevor (Team Majszi) and Vyseer (Team Tom223).

Contest had been aimed to redirect viewers from Twitch to Facebook, in order to maintain building community and generate traffic. Audience had around 24 hours to cast their votes. Although Gamehub Challenge’s fanpage had been created very recently and had been liked by only 180 people, voting post gained loads of publicity and reached 10 thousand users in “gaming” target group. It had also been shared by streamers on their official Twitch channels during the broadcast: Pago (avg. 2 265 viewers), Pevor (avg. 1 452 viewers), Saju (avg. 1 023 viewers) and xTom223 (avg. 419 viewers).

There were 281 votes cast and the gaming chair got to Vyseer’s hands.

Yumisu MVP Award

Yumisu MVP Award

Organisators’ tasks

Gamehub Challenge organises esports tournaments for professional and amateur teams.
During the Showdown event, agency was responsible for:

– planning event (rules, schedule, social media strategy)

– preparation of information and presentation for sponsors and partners

– reaching the community

– working with the creators and their teams

– planning and controlling budget

– studio and live production

coordinating cooperation between influencers and communities

– creating reports for partners

Polish Pro League was responsible for::

organising and administration of CS:GO matches

– caring for technical side of matches

– social media strategy on Polish Pro League’s channels

– creating tournament ladder

– solving crisis situations connected with the game, players and technical issues

Promotional activities for our partners

We displayed graphics with the sponsor’s logo during the tournament’s broadcast nearly every moment (excluding commercial breaks with audio-video commercials). We had put a 320×320 px banner under the platform player promoting every single one of them. Moreover, our chatbot was sending automatic messages with advertisements of brand and/or its products. Our partners’ logo had been situated on all promotional materials and publications in social media related to the tournament. Their official profiles were also tagged in order to provide traffic redirection towards their social media channels. We didn’t forget about dedicated publications strictly including just the crucial information about sponsors.

The results

Overally, during two days of the tournament, the agency’s official broadcast and singular players’ streams were visited 182 365 times (123 289 times on October 2nd and 59 076 times on October 3rd). The most views were gained by Pago (39 600) and Pevor (3 343) on the first day. On the second day – Pevor (20 390) and Saju (13 279). The peak of viewership reached 3 343 concurrent viewers was reached by Pago on the first day and on the second day was reached by Saju with 3 082 concurrent viewers. Eventually, Team Saju won the whole tournament. What’s interesting, Tom223, who had been consistently streaming since 2016, broke his own peak record during the broadcast of our tournament. The number of concurrent viewers on his channel reached 1 442. It shows how eagerly the event was watched and how much of interest it made among viewership.

SHOWDOWN 2020 streams

Streamers during the tournament.

Thanks to our professional organising and coordination, polish nationwide media got interested in us. The broadcast was shared on HyperX and Ja, Rock! social media channels.

Gamers’ interest in Showdown tournament and achieved success show the pure potential of this type of tournament series and excellently promise for the future. We put every effort in order to raise awareness, among the community, of how powerful the gaming industry is and what opportunities it offers. Gamehub agency is growing and raising its abilities with every project, which translates to next innovations – ideas for future events reaching even more viewers.